6000 Goodview Road
Goodview, VA 24095

Phone: (540) 890-0696
Email: strahle@strahleconstructioninc.co

·Rebecca Meadows, President/Owner
·James Brian Meadows, Vice President
·James D. Meadows, Secretary/Treasurer


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Strahle Construction Company's Services

As a general Class "A" contractor, Strahle Construction Company is capable of performing a broad variety of services, but we specialize in:


Lead and Lead-Based Paint:


Strahle Construction Company holds all required specialty licenses for these services. We are fully bonded and insured and have a Dun and Bradstreet rating of "1A1."

Strahle Construction Company has performed thousand of jobs in the region since 1984. For references or other information about our services and qualifications, please contact us.